Hermosa is a clothing apparel that is mushrooming to be the biggest thing in the clothing fashion labels. The label was started by three 16 year old high school girls from Beaulieu College as part of their school project.

Hermosa is the brainchild of Owami Mafokate, Litha Pezisa

and Haliratu Lawal which is co-incidentally gaining more traction and making waves throughout the entertainment industry. The girls started posting a lot about Hermosa on social media and it came as no surprise when it caught on and started being endorsed by industry heavyweights in Hip Hop.

The teenagers added more spark by ropping in their famous clients to pose and post in their apparel and post extensively. This worked wonders as they got exposed to broader markets overnight. Hermosa is now making waves internationally in countries such as Canada, Australia, London and the United States. More celebrities are enquiring and everyone is astounded that a bunch of 16 year old high school girls have become so innovative and business savvy at such a young age.